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About Us Silent Descendents

The Silent Descendents will be available on Amazon & all major online store providers soon. In the meantime, let’s get to know the characters!

On the heels of a deadly act of domestic terrorism carried out in their community by a powerful crime syndicate, called The Chain Gang, a new era of heroism is born when Hayden Darkfury activates a mysterious mystical artifact that imbues him, his younger sister Sarah, and their five friends Max, Evan, Rachel Jane, Ben and James with incredible abilities that they put to use in the name of justice for their fallen loved ones and the common person.

The world is a tough place, but a particular group of seven young men and women from New York are even tougher. Together, they are The Silent Descendents!

TSD - Rough H

The Characters

Hayden Darkfury is the leader of The Silent Descendents and the third of four Darkfury siblings.
Brooding, strategic, and decisive: Hayden's integrity is outmatched only by his fiery mystical abilities.

Character 001 - FIREFURY

Rachel Jane Jones is a young single mother and the Darkfury family's next-door neighbor who's currently in search of her missing friend.

Witty, vivacious, and down-to-earth: Rachel Jane's electric charisma is matched only by her mystical electric abilities.

Character 002 - STARSHOCK

Maxwell Ford IV is a fourth-generation billionaire, former Marine, and current owner of Dynecore Enterprises.

Brave, competent, and ethical: Max's unstoppable nature matches the metal he's able to shape.

Character 003 - TACK

Evan Kyles is a former college track champion and current law school hopeful with an internal focus on upholding his deceased younger brother's legacy while consistently proving to be the lasting pride of his parents' lives.

Charming, confident, and loyal: Evan's defiance against the odds is matched only by his ability to defy the limits of speed.

Character 004 - DEFYER

Sarah Darkfury is an elite former gymnast currently enrolled in college and is both the youngest member of the Darkfury family and The Silent Descendents. Particularly struck by the loss of her father Richard at the hands of The Chain Gang, Sarah takes pride in carrying the torch of his good nature into the future.

Wholesome, optimistic, and empathetic: Sarah and her multiple copies aspire to be the change that they want to see in the world.

Character 005 - DECK

Ben Lewis is the upstanding only son of a trauma surgeon father and seamstress mother. Guided by his belief in Judaism and inspired by his new lease on life following a near-death experience at the hands of The Chain Gang, Ben fights for a better future for all with conviction as the indisputably strongest of The Silent Descendents.

Honorable, stubborn, and conscientious: Ben is the epitome of goodness in our time.

Character 006 - BEN LEWIS

Marie Darkfury:
Marie Darkfury is the eldest child of the Darkfury siblings, an NTC Studios news anchor, as well as the ex-fiancée of Max Ford IV.

Confident, headstrong, and competent: Marie's potential knows no bounds.

Character 008 - MARIE DARKFURY

Sgt. X:
Harold Darkfury is a freshly-retired Marine, the second child of the Darkfury siblings, and the former best friend of Max Ford IV.

Recently heartbroken by the loss of his father and wife-to-be in a school bombing perpetrated by The Chain Gang, Harold has lethally taken matters into his own hands with the use of his covert operations skills under his former military alias "Sgt. X".

Character 009 - SGT. X

Dr. Christine Lorio:
Dr. Christine Lorio is an experienced psychologist and the matriarch of the Darkfury family. Having recently lost her husband in a school bombing perpetrated by The Chain Gang, Dr. Lorio has found herself coping with her new tragic situation while delving into her past in search of justice.

Reserved, intelligent, and introspective: Christine is the root of authenticity in the lives of those who know her.

Character 010 - DR. CHRISTINE LORIO

Josiah Amherst:
Josiah Amherst is an intelligence community washout, current killer-for-hire, as well a former military mentor of Harold Darkfury and Max Ford IV.

Often mysterious as far as his agendas are concerned, Josiah can always be counted on to do what's best for himself.

Character 011 - JOSIAH AMHERST

Det. Irina Ladewig:
Det. Irina Ladewig is a 35-year-old bi-sexual NYPD officer with a personal vendetta against The Chain Gang for the twenty-year-old double homicide of her foster parents.

The confidential police insider for The Silent Descendents, Ladewig is undoubtedly one of the team's closest and most loyal allies.

Character 012 - DET. IRINA LADEWIG

The Chain Gang:
The Chain Gang is a group of four extremely dangerous criminals led by Stephen Fiorelli, also known as Chain. Spanning over three decades since the group's inception, the syndicate's bloody tactics and political leverage have made them immune from governmental consequences at every level.
Rounding out with the philosophical Monochrome and the ruthless twin Schlatter Sisters, it's best for most to steer clear of this unforgiving organization.

Character 013 - THE CHAIN GANG

The Darkfury Siblings:

The Darkfury Siblings are a group of four young men and women - aged 20 to 32 - born from the union of Richard Darkfury and Dr. Christine Lorio. From oldest to youngest, they are Marie, Harold, Hayden, and Sarah Darkfury - a news reporter, a retired Marine/covert operative, a gifted strategist, and an elite gymnast.